Alexandra Morton - SFR®, RENE®

With over 15 years experience in the Real Estate Industry, Alexandra Morton takes pride in her ability to help her clients build wealth through real estate. With comprehensive market knowledge, exceptional customer service and superior negotiation skills, she is the unparalleled choice for your next real estate transaction. Alexandra is a master certified negotiation expert (MCNE®) and Short Sales and Foreclosure Specialist  (SFR®). She has keynoted countless real estate expos and business conferences. 

“My background in a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors and relentless work ethic has proven to be invaluable,” says Alexandra. “It has given me a strong foundation and a unique understanding of how to make people pay attention to my unique value proposition and garner RESULTS! You can count on me to help you successfully navigate your home sale or purchase and to provide you with the insights you need so you can make the best, most informed decisions. 

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