John Clark - REALTOR®, MBA, Licensed Contractor

My name is John R. Clark and I was born and raised in Southern Maryland.

I love the feeling of helping people, especially with their real estate or home remodeling needs. When I am not working in real estate, I am working on home remodeling projects for clients and working on "flips" of my own.

Have you ever toured a house with a real estate agent and asked, "I wonder how much it would cost to do this, or change that" or "is this a load bearing wall, what would it take to tear it down and make it an open concept"? My hopes as a real estate agent and licensed contractor are to answer those questions for you in real time, as we are standing in the house - no need to bring in a third party.

With that said, if anyone is, or knows someone in the market to buy or sell a house, please think of me! 

"One Stop Shop"

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