Rosetta Armstead - REALTOR®

I have been a Realtor for over six years and I have a broad knowledge of the Maryland market especially Baltimore city and Baltimore county real estate areas.

As a Realtor, I will be committed to negotiating on your behalf to help meet your specific goals and objectives as well as engage in a comprehensive networking strategy to assist in the purchase or sale of your home.

My team and I are totally committed to providing excellent and quality service throughout your real estate transaction.   I will assist you in finding the related services that are necessary to buy, rent or sell your home or rental properties.

I will go the extra mile for you to make sure that your home buying experience will be a smooth one. I take pride in providing personalized service for my clients.

I engage in the most up-to-date level of marketing to make sure that your home gets as much exposure as possible if you are a seller and that you find the perfect home if you are a buyer.

Finally I will respect your time and work with you so your busy schedule is not interrupted. I will uphold the highest moral and ethical standards throughout any real estate transaction I am involved in.

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